SS05 Artisanal Soccer Scarf Wristband
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SS05 Artisanal Soccer Scarf Wristband

Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela SS05 Artisanal Soccer Scarf Wristband. Margiela throughout his reign at his own label has frequently integrated sports motifs into his reconstructed works. Soccer shoes made into vests, rugby balls made into purses, golf gloves made into bags and so on. These unique and limited artisanal works were hand done at the Margiela house in France up until the mid 2000’s (some of the later works were produced in Italy). The SS05 artisanal collection introduced rugby/soccer scarf reconstruction including the iconic Soccer vest which lesser version was reproduced for the H&M collaboration in late 2012. A variety of rugby/soccer scarves are concocted into a hodgepodge material of clashing colours, logos, motifs and labels. The wrist band, taking shape of a sweatband is reversible as with the other garment variations.

9/10 condition. Label was removed(as per design) but can be sewn back on under request.

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