Clothing Info

Items on the site are personally curated used or new clothing from sample sales, consignment gets, liquidations, personal items etc. However, there may be instances where I sell locally curated handcraft items in a more conventional store format. I try my best to describe the item at my best ability which I accompany with high resolution images. Send me a message via the contact page with the item link if you’d like to request more images, I’ll be happy to follow up.

Clothing Condition

Again, I try my best to describe a clothing’s faults and details including snags, moth-holes, fabric, missing buttons etc. I do not sell replicas or non-genuine items. I take measurements to the best of my ability, please make sure to double check them. As for knits and delicate items I only hang them for display when taking images and store them folded away in a room temperature space.

Leathers are carefully stored away in a dry area and oiled every two weeks then put in a sun bath for one hour before being put away in storage.

Item Availability

Besides the locally curated craft items, most of the items for sale are single items in stock. Once the item is bought it is automatically unable for purchase by any other customer. If any issue were to arise via cart handling please send a message via the contact page.

Payment & Processing

Payment is only available by USD or YEN. As an english-speaking customer you have the option to pay by paypal or credit card (via braintree). International buyers will automatically convert their home currency in USD when checking out using paypal(recommended). Please switch to the via the language switcher tab above the cart to change the currency to yen. The available payment methods for YEN are konbini(convenience store payments), Pay-easy, Credit Cards(Visa, JCB, AMEX, MasterCard) and Bank Transfer. Paying via AMEX, JCB and Bank Transfer will include a 2% fee. Paying via Konbini or Pay-easy will discount the item by 1%.

Shipping & Handling

I ship everything from the states unless otherwise noted. Shipping in Canada/US will be first class with a tracking number which is trackable on this site. I ship first class envelope/package to GB, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal – these will come with a customs number. Other countries will be shipped priority at additional charge.

This site combines shipping automatically at checkout.


I can only accept returns on the condition, for some reason, the item is inauthentic/not-genuine or lost in transit. I apologize for any inconveniences. Due to this policy, I’ll be happy to follow up with any reasonable requests for more pictures or finer measurement details of the item. Please make sure to review the item before buying! Please refer to the extensive paypal buyer protection policies as any resolutions for returns will be handled through there.

Proxy Service

message me via “contact” for all proxy service inquiries.

My proxy fee is 5% + (all costs and fees) for online sites such as Rakuten + Yahoo Auctions JP. In store is 13%. These payments must be made up front and will be handled via paypal invoice. Bids for auctions must be paid in full before the auction’s ending for the highest bid you’re willing to make, the difference, if any, will be refunded.

Privacy Policy

Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.


Stylist pulls require a reference or credited LOR. Item pull prices range greatly but average at around 20% of retail, but can dip as low as 3% to as high as 30%. The pull length is a fixed 2 week period. Pull terms can vary greatly and differ based on clientele, frequency of pulls and volume. Please understand we are not a retailer and items not in our inventory and rented out for pulls are not available for others to view.

Items from coveted brands will typically be of higher pull price than others.

Pulls for purchase can be possible, the fixed term is one week, are exclusively used for stylists to show clients goods and appreciate an honor system. We do not charge for this


We are located in K-Town in Los Angeles, CA. Please schedule an appointment to visit us.

Horror Vacuo, a derivative of the Latin expression “Horror Vacui” meaning “fear of emptiness”, regards the tendency and desire to fill empty spaces with objects or information. This term has been generally used as an artistic guideline in the classical era for fine arts, but has molded into other usages over time. In more recent uses it is to describe a style of art that leaves zero negative space.

However outside of the arts, Horror Vacui suggests an inverse correlation between value perception and space occupied. Simply put, the more things there are the less valuable it seems. This concept is prevalent in the retail world, especially in apparel window displays — the less bombarded the displayed article of clothing is the higher the brand’s prestige, or so it seems. “Less” is more.

The site’s original motive was to create an accessible outlet for Japanese buyers to pick up used clothing not readily available in their country for a fraction of retail, but it has grown. I have been doing this for years with hundreds of transactions (mostly on grailed) before moving to my own site:

Link – Grailed

Link – eBay

you can find me on superfuture as ‘polkunus'”