FW98 “Believe” Three Fingered Gloves
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FW98 “Believe” Three Fingered Gloves

Walter Van Beirendonck


Walter Van Beirendonck W&LT FW98 “Believe” Three Fingered Gloves. Van Beirendonck’s FW98 multi-part show started with children covered in playful Puk Puk attire and other mascots from Walter’s imagination. Followed by adolescent models with stark, long silhouettes and structured skirts. Finalized by the longest segment with young adults which displayed the new ‘Jeans’ label, ‘White’ label, the python limited collection and the rest of the “Believe” collection. Models were fixed with prosthetics protruding from their face inspired by French conceptual artist ORLAN and collaborated with Van Beirendonck to visualize this season’s story. Walter conveys to the audience an alien story every season using visual and word queues — similar to naming segments of a play. “Wild and Crazy”, “Wanted, I scare you.”, “Believe in fairy tales” are a few motifs in particular for this season. A few three fingered gloves were produced for this season, this one sports a transparent window at the fingers, beige outer and ruched entryway.

7/10 condition, signs of wear and mild stains. Size M

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