Number (N)ine Salvaged Silk Lined Bandana
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Number (N)ine Salvaged Silk Lined Bandana

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine bandana made from authentic Number (N)ine pocket lining fabric salvaged from a closing mill in Japan. The “mechanic” print was used in various pocket lining in pants from the mid to late 2000’s during Miyashita’s reign at his own house before selling it off in 09. Bandana is lined with white silk with a print of the Lamborghini print Miyashita used in the early 00’s. These bandanas are made in house in collaboration with Worn On LA as catalyst to our upcoming production facility set to start cutting & sewing later this quarter.

Number (N)ine’s “Mechanic” logo-type designed by Takashi Komatsu is idiosyncratic of the brand’s creator Takahiro Miyashita’s larger narrative. Logo-flips were one of the first graphical techniques he practiced when the brand first started in 1997, usually referencing the visual language of music genres that resonated with him at a younger age. The Mechanic logo-type first appeared during the S/S 2000 “Extra Heavy” collection, applied as patches on outerwear, inline fabric on pockets, and screen-printed on numerous garments. The mechanic design effortlessly characterized the Golden Age of Rock n’ Roll, and has continually resonated with members of streetwear culture, ensuring its place within the canon of staple graphics.

65 of these bandanas are only available. 22″ x 22″


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Weight 8 oz