“SEX” 70’s Striped Mohair
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“SEX” 70’s Striped Mohair

Vivienne Westwood


The next installment in our continuing Seditionaries capsule with @aeonarchive is the Sex Shop mohair sweater in the iconic red and black colorway.

Granted, the term iconic has been used frequently in the critique of fashion, however it’s rarely in regards to a garment that has shifted the public’s perception of style with, or without their awareness. This piece both in of itself, as well as the color-way, is the root of multiple fashion movements throughout pop culture history. In regards to the recent resurgence of interest in japanese brands that are endrenched in the punk scene like Undercover, Number (N)ine, and Fragment one cannot forget that cornerstone motifs they are remembered for were wholly taken from the mother of punk fashion, Vivienne Westwood, and her store, which at the time of this release was deemed the “Sex Shop.” 

Variations of this sweater were worn by the likes of Kurt Cobain, who was influenced to purchase the jumper by Courtney love at a “Breeders” show in 1992 because she wanted him to look like Sid Vicious. Although culturally this sweater has been attached to Kurt, it was Sid Vicious and John Lydon of the Sex Pistols were the first ones who to sport striped mohairs. Beginning in the mid seventies, they left lasting images of their eccentric style that continually inspire generations of designers, and consumers alike. 

The fit is unique to every piece, although they all follow a similar code of cropped sleeves, shortened length, and extended shoulder line. This specific fit set up the code of what would be known as classic “punk”.

8/10 condition, mildly shrunk. Fits XS