FW91 “French Cancan” Muscle Zip Knit
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FW91 “French Cancan” Muscle Zip Knit

Jean Paul Gaultier


Jean Paul Gaultier Maille FW91 “French Cancan” Muscle Body Knit. JPG body suits or tatoo tops of the 90s are a core element in the litany of revolutionary designs under the designer’s belt. As “heroin chic” started to manifest in the early 90’s, Gaultier took a play at the early 80’s “supermodel” ultra idealized male body rendering the featured knit here with padding resembling muscle definition. Midsection of the garment emulates the male torso as the end seams wrap around to the wearer in accordance to the anatomy of a sculpted Apollo’s belt. Recently suspended display at the FIT “The Body, Fashion and Physique” exhibit as of March. Pictures of the gallery shown.

New, preserved condition. sz 52, Fits M-L depending on desired fit.


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Weight 15 oz