FW03 “Closer” Unknown Pleasures Melange Knit
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FW03 “Closer” Unknown Pleasures Melange Knit

Raf Simons


Raf Simon FW03 “Closer” Unknown Pleasures Melange Knit. Raf Simons in FW03 took liberty in pulling from Peter Saville’s archive. Joy division, New Order and other saville motifs were plastered, knit or painted on the post-punk centered collection of 03. The iconic Unknown Pleasures album cover was also pulled for this collection, used on a leather jacket and the knit featured here. The runway colorway was in a straight black, the variation here is in a melange cream. What many may not know is that Saville reappropriated the original graphic from the very first visual representation of pulsars from a neutron printed in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy (1977).  Saville reasoned that Joy Division “very astutely spotted this image as potentially a wonderfully enigmatic symbol for a record cover.” The unusual phenomenon of the album cover’s appeal is so ingrained into the fabric of society, with its endless interpretations and parodies, that it eclipses Joy Division’s musical influence.

Size 48. 6/10 condition. Rips and tears at seams. Pilling.