FW09 Wool/Silk Jacket
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FW09 Wool/Silk Jacket

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita Wool/Silk Jacket in black. FW09, named by Miyashita as “The B side to my final ‘album'”, was his final show for Number (N)ine. At at interview with WWD magazine in 2008, Miyashita spoke about the current state of affairs with the brand and reminisced about N(N)’s past. Takahiro professed that in SS09, the “A Side”, he ignored the financial constraints for his collections and solely focused on “what he wanted to do”. He later admitted in the interview that the collection didn’t put monetary returns as a priority and continued to apply the same practice in his final collection.

WWD followed up with a question regarding the vendors which rely on Number (N)ine as a strong basis of income and raised concern that said vendors will run into obstacles finding new brands when they relied on N(N) as a part of their store identity. Takahiro replied by simply saying that vendors should understand “when a band has done everything it has to go”.

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Wool outer, silk lining. Tassels string button and styled like other blazer within the season. This is one of the more understated blazers of the season.

9/10 condition. Rare Size 5. Fits a large well.

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Weight 25 oz