FW09 Layered Silk Jacquard Blazer
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FW09 Layered Silk Jacquard Blazer

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine FW09 Layered Silk Floral Jacquard Light Jacket. FW09 was the magnus opus for Takahiro Miyashita as he exited N(N) — what his fans thought was his permanent departure from his creative aspirations. The collection featured 18th and 19th century influences with intricate tailoring and masterful craftsmanship. One of the more costly collections, Miyashita’s FW09 creations featured layered pattern silk for lining, embossed floral designs and velvet appliques. This is the most detailed version of the jacket featuring an embossed floral design throughout the silk outer with the silk floral lining extending from the edges of the jacket. 

Continuing the interview with Takahiro Miyashita, the focus shifts towards the stylist of Number (N)ine:  Hirishi Noguchi. Long term N(N) stylist chimed in on Miyashita’s outlook with the brand stating that “Miyashita wasn’t partial to the brand since 2007”. This occurred after his 2006 “Axl Rose” collection which Miyashita debuted as a “joke”, but the audience’s reaction was too stern for the designer, leaving him disappointed. He was expecting Miyashita to step down from Number (N)ine since fall of last year so it didn’t come to a surprise when the announcement came 08 of January. Noguchi then knew that the following collections were purely out of the designer’s creative aspirations with little interest in monetary return. The interview closed with Noguchi stating that he sat back, understood the path that Miyashita was taking and simply “watched him run”.

New with tags. Has the maxfield tag still attached for “$3800”. Size 0 fits xs.