FW09 Silk Jacquard Blazer
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FW09 Silk Jacquard Blazer

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita FW09 Silk Jacquard Blazer in Cream/Blue. FW09 was the magnus opus for Takahiro Miyashita as he exited N(N) — what his fans thought was his permanent departure from his creative aspirations. The collection featured 18th and 19th century influences with intricate tailoring and masterful craftsmanship. One of the more costly collections (with jackets averaging $3000), Miyashita’s FW09 creations featured layered pattern silk for lining, embossed floral designs and velvet appliques. In the next following days we’ll be posting a few items from the FW09 collection, diving into the details of Miyashita’s somber departure from his own brand which eventually became the catalyst for ‘The Soloist’.

Full silk lining with jacquard silk details. Button is sought to be closed up for display purposes. Intended wear is to tie the velvet string around the bear mid button as shown in the runway look. Many variations of this jacket exist with this being the most detailed back portion.

Extremely rare sz 5. 9.5/10 condition.

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