SS03 “Consumed” Penelope Tree Shark Hoodie
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SS03 “Consumed” Penelope Tree Shark Hoodie

Raf Simons


“There are three reasons to come to Paris: Hedi Slimane of Dior, Tom Ford of Yves Saint Laurent and Helmut Lang. Actually, there is a fourth — Raf Simons, who in a parking garage on Sunday night — on a platform made of crushed soda cans — superbly articulated how contemporary culture has become a thoughtless Pac-Man, gobbling up products as well as references. It’s rare for a designer to make a political statement in fashion and still offer wearable clothes”

— Cathy Horyn 2002

Raf Simons SS03 “Consumed” Penelope Tree Shark Hoodie in blue over black. SS03 “Consumed” is Raf’s quiet observation of consumerism, or to be “consumed” by consumerism — Its effects on youth; Their impartial interaction with such commercial entities and the molding of adolescent identities rooting from the collective indifference towards the squandering influence of commercial identities. This is the iconic and highly sought after hooded sweatshirt featuring Penelope Tree, from Truman Capote’s Black & White ball, and Steven Spielberg’s mechanical shark from Jaws in the backdrop, with “Diamond Co-Opted” written underneath the kangaroo pocket.

The Penelope Tree print featured here on the hoodie derives from a picture which served as a pivotal point in fashion, youth culture and high society America. The original black and white picture has beanpole figured Tree staring dauntingly out in the distance from amongst a group of middle age socialites. This grabbed the attention of prominent figures of fashion and despite strong opposition from Penelope’s father, as she was 16, Penelope Tree became the quintessential swinging sixties icon which galvanized female youth culture and movements at the time. Furthermore, inspired a generation of artists and designers to look at youth culture for inspiration and solidified the Youthquake movement.

As for Raf Simons, and this is purely out of speculation, Penelope Tree holds a special place of interest as his source of inspiration will be and has been the youth.