SS98 “A Fetish for Beauty” Light Wizzkid Jacket
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SS98 “A Fetish for Beauty” Light Wizzkid Jacket

Walter Van Beirendonck


W&LT SS98 “A Fetish for Beauty” Wizzkid Jacket. W&LT, short for “Wild and Lethal Trash”, was one of Walter Van Beirendoinck’s now defunct offsprings alongside Aestheticterrorists. Beirendonck never compromised his creative control throughout his legacy paving way for unadulterated displays of his work that are celebrated in museums around the wold today. SS98 was no exception. The show, or better described as a choreographed performance, involved over 100 people in a 4 part extravaganza lasting nearly 30 minutes. Taken place on a red square center stage in Paris, the first act consisted of 30 “wizzkids” with cowboy hats doing a honkytonk style choreographed dance. The Second, 30 “White Trash” performers on stilts with drapey white costumed enveloped the stage. The third, 30 “Black Beauties”, with dark, eerie and sinister Manson looks took the stage. The fourth, 40 ballroom dancer from “outer space”, with masks, dresses and distantly victorian poise with swaravoski embellishments finalized the show. The stage dims, times passes, lights pop back up and a flood of cast, crew and Walter himself spend the rest of the show in an improvised rave.

Muave coloured jacket with embellishments on sleeves. “Wizzkid” written across the front chest

7/10 condition. Faded, some sun bleaching around collar.