AW02 “Virginia Creeper” Distressed Leather Coat
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AW02 “Virginia Creeper” Distressed Leather Coat

Raf Simons


Raf Simons AW02-03 Virginia Creeper Distressed Heavy Leather Coat. A crimson key light, a runway in the vastness of the ominous woods and a penchant fondness of varsity nostalgia would best describe the Virginia Creeper AW02 season. The eerie, towering figures with muted colours reflect Raf’s observation of the duality of nature. This collection is more so immersed not by the graphics but with pieces like the coat shown here. This heavy leather coat and similar variations were on the runway over multiple layers of outerwear, puffers, plastic raincoats and baggy trousers to emphasize the cast of the menacing and slouched cut out of the wearer. Heavily distressed leather throughout, with patched embellishments and reinforcements. Lined in cupro. Elastic waistband on back to cinch the fabric to the lower back side. Zip down middle with oversized placket. Made in limited quantities in comparison to the cotton variation.

9/10 condition. Unfortunately missing the belt but can be styled without it just fine.

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Weight 130 oz