SS17 Nasawi Hand-knit Sweater (Black)
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SS17 Nasawi Hand-knit Sweater (Black)

Dries Van Noten


Dries Van Noten Nasawi Handknit Sweater in black. A Multicolor/material knit consisting of silk, linen, cashmere, polyamide, wool, cotton, viscose, paper spun into a clash of colours and materials was featured for the SS17 runway. Due to the complexity of the knits, each item has different details and motifs. Basketweave bottom is haphazardly littered with multiple gauges or sturdiness and materials, some that are elastic with others that are mesh-like accompanied by a more conventional, but subtly complex ribknit top. A notable detail is that the different gauges and yarn weight slightly differ per area allowing for interesting layering options as some areas of the sweater are more transparent than others.

9/10 condition. Small, Oversized.

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