Multicolor Borderknit Sweater
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Multicolor Borderknit Sweater

Stephen Sprouse


Stephen Sprouse “S” 88 Multicolor Border Knit Sweater. For this season and a few seasons onward before his bankruptcy, Sprouse utilized his “xerox on xerox” designs which look were a staple in the late 80s and early 90s before it peaked as a cliche in the mid 90s. Stephen Sprouse pioneered his version of the xerox design at the Andy Warhol factory by xeroxing models/figures and creating a collage resembling the look in the advert pictured here featuring the border knit sweater. The hodgepodge presentation of subjects photographed individually in different contexts, yet grouped together by their essence through a curator, with thick borders, filtered photo degradation and accentuated sharpness as a byproduct from xeroxing the same image consecutively were ubiquitous in 90s youth media.

9/10 condition. Oversized women’s M.

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