SS16 “Cylcops” Calf LeatherMoto Jacket
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SS16 “Cylcops” Calf LeatherMoto Jacket

Rick Owens

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From the iconic SS16 (Cyclops) collection, Rick Owens refined his Moto Jacket cut with soft thick calf leather giving it a rather structured look. Like most other looks in cyclops this jacket was strongly influenced by militaristic aesthetics. The zipper is angled across the front panel of the jacket complementing the asymmetrical subtle details. Featuring many pockets and high quality zippers this jacket along with other Rick jackets is one that can withstand a lifetime.

For cyclops, Rick Owens instructed his models to walk the runway sporting fur covered tubes over the head blocking their peripheral vision. Rick described the philosophy behind this with a metaphor on masculinity: “This Rick Owens spring summer 2016 men’s collection is titled Cyclops a monster with a narrow focal point. I can see this in myself in my determined urge to find the straightest line from point a to point b as quickly as possible. A trait I have always assumed is mostly a masculine one. And I’m constantly trying to make sure this ambitious urge for efficiency and control doesn’t teeter over into aggression. I suspect a lot of other men wrestle with that too.”

Size 48. New Without Tags.

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