AW05 “History of My World” Peter De Potter Hoodie
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AW05 “History of My World” Peter De Potter Hoodie

Raf Simons


Raf Simons AW05 “History of My World” Hoodie with Peter De Potter graphic. Raf’s relationship with Peter de Potter is the foundation for the label’s well acclaimed cryptic graphical works. Both graduating from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and originally a supposed one time collaboration for 2000-2001, the two worked together under the guidance of head of fashion Walter Van Brenondoink (a strong advocate of interdisciplinary work) with photographer Willy Vanderpere and stylist Oliver Rizzio to create the book “Isolated Heroes”, the catalyst to Raf’s prime years. Raf Simons later borrowed photographs from said book in a recent collection titled “Isolated Heroes”. Crafted poems, graphics, collages which abruptly collided with Raf’s relationship with music or youth and were displayed in a vague, enigmatic medium was spearheaded by Peter de Potter and continued 9 years after Isolated Heroes. Due to the nature of the graphics, the words or prints on Raf’s clothing is a melting pot of musical and personal references which require acute dissection. Seems though, there’s something -real- which emanates past all those layers that make some gravitate towards Raf/Peter’s work.

9/10 condition. Size 54, very rare size, fits big, XL-XXL.