Original (Late 70’s) “Destroy” Muslin
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Original (Late 70’s) “Destroy” Muslin

Vivienne Westwood


Seditionaries “Destroy” Muslin with swastika print

This particular “Destroy” muslin dates back to the late 70’s, and was only available in the UK via mail order for 9.5 British Pounds. This era of the Seditionaries tag is widely considered by collectors to be the key identifier for the original run, as many items during this time were exclusively produced under made-to-order requests. There were many variations of these muslins that were adorned with homosexual acts, pornographic novelizations of children’s cartoons, defaming political figures, child pornography (depicted as “censored”), nazi imagery, some of which are shown on the next slide. The narrative to incorporate provocative graphics were rooted in Vivienne Westwood’s convictions with freedom of expression, as wearing such imagery at that time ran the risk of imprisonment.

Fits an S-M. Snaps at collars broke and are pinned with safety pins. Immense amount of distressing. Stains from metal corrosion. Back flap torn.

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