Late 70’s “OG” Snow White Tee
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Late 70’s “OG” Snow White Tee

Vivienne Westwood


Today, we bring you three tees, two of which hail from the original mail-order undertaking in 1976, available in a variety of sizes before Seditionaries had their realization in retail stores. With the third being part of the 80’s era when Seditionaries began collaborating and stocking their items in brick and mortar shops of their previous competitor BOY (later Boy London) and their own World’s End. These items range in size, as the made-to-order t-shirts used were famously salvaged by McLaren’s team.

The origins of the graphics go far back to 1967, when the satirical magazine “The Realist” published an unsigned cartoon mural by artist Wally Wood, which depicted childhood Disney icons engaged in mass acts of provocative debauchery. Vivienne was fond of this illustration.  She reappropriated and to some extent mimicked the subjects on a variety of prints released throughout her involvement with the Seditionaries line.

The first tee is the “Snow White & The Sir Punks” graphic. The concept and positions are nearly unchanged from the original, aside from Snow White’s vulva being exposed, the shafts are clearly drawn, and the act depicted leaves little concealed. It was through the printing process that the Seditionaries edge truly shined through, such as the seminal split-fountain treatment utilized on this specific piece which added to the visual detail.

The second tee’s graphic portrays Mickey and Minnie engaging in intercourse, which contrary to the Snow White graphic was drastically changed from the Wally Wood’s mural. On the original illustration, Minnie is shown to be conducting a sexual exchange for payment for the character Goofy while Mickey and various other onlookers watch in amusement. On Vivienne’s rendition, major changes are made to Mickey’s attire for instance, which references the seminal punk rock bassist Sid Vicious of the “Sex Pistols.”

The Third, made after the original mail order brochure, is of Mickey shooting up heroin. In the same vein as the Snow White graphic, this illustration goes completely unchanged from the original except for the staple Anarchy “A” replacing Mickey’s right ear. 

Seditionaries was Vivienne’s breakthrough project which laid out the groundwork for the visual language of the Punk fashion movement, which would later be endlessly appropriated. Aside from these “found images,” Malcolm and Vivienne would often outsource graphics from a variety of internationally acclaimed artists such as Jamie Reed – the graphic designer behind the “Sex Pistols.” With the mind of McLaren commercializing punk’s popularity, and Westwood’s penchant for iconoclasm, the duo molded iconic signifiers for the heart of the british punk movement.

Holes around neck. Multiple blemishes and stains. Loose thread. Should fit M-L


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