FW88 “Robin Des Bois” Blazer
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FW88 “Robin Des Bois” Blazer

Jean Paul Gaultier


Jean Paul Gaultier FW1988 “Robin Des Bois” Blazer. Gaultier, monickered “Enfant Terrible”, flourished in the 80s with beautiful performative collections featuring thematic crossovers from a myriad of cultures, eras and silhouettes. FW88 homme, titled ‘Robinhood’, was no exception. “The man’s suit meets medieval tradition”. Runway was littered with middle age visual elements such as shields, knight sigils and fleur de lis embroidery. Knits had triptych graphics of mosaics and house emblems. Patterns consisted of harlequin-esque velour electric oranges and yellows, contrasted with bold moss greens fashioned in argyle. Some models sported pieper hats, resonating  “Nostalgic Elegance”.

The blazer is riddled with embellishments. Metal centerpiece titled with the punk slogan “Too fast to live, too young to die” sewn to a velvet rhombus fabric with beading at the edges. Tassels hang for aluminum fleurs, arranged in a V shape. More hanging embellishments at the bottom of the back. All on a striped, orange velvet fabric. The front is a bold lapelled double breasted blazer. Bespoke metal chest and wrist buttons.

News struck this month that Gaultier is bowing out from his own brand. I find it amazing that he kept his brand under his own name for so long as others were gobbled up by fashion conglomerates in the 90s. Many of Gaultier’s works are hard to source, especially those that are his most inspirational collections and I look forward for years to come to search and document said pieces.

8/10 condition for a 30+ year old item. None of the embellishments are missing. Some beading on the black velvet is loose and has minor damage. Fading and blemishing on some areas of the velvet. Size 50.

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