90s “Mini Crini” Stars Denim Jacket
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90s “Mini Crini” Stars Denim Jacket

Vivienne Westwood


Vivienne Westwood early 90’s “Mini Crini” Stars Denim Jacket. The mid 80s marked vivienne’s peak works including SS1985 titled “Mini-Crini”, a study of fashion juxtapositions. The title itself works as a solid exemplar, “Mini” being the miniskirt and “Crini” referring to the traditional crinoline. The combination of conflicting ideals, a crinoline representing encumbrance and the miniskirt symbolizing liberation, concots designs that serve as a cornerstone to Westwood’s fashion iconoclasm that so many are drawn to. SS85 introduced patterns such as the star print, circle print and orb print iconic to Vivienne Westwood and still reappropriated in designs today.

What we have here is the early 90s variation of the iconic star jacket with improvements made on top of the 1985 original while strictly keeping the notable qualities of it. One of the more notable new motifs is the classic label on the front left pocket. Denim aged beautifully with unreplicatable fades bringing character to the jacket.

8/10 condition, faded. Size L fits wide and cropped. Can fit an M-L, best for a classic large.

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