FW09 Studded Topcoat
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FW09 Studded Topcoat



Prada FW09 Prada studded Coat. FW09 marked one of the earlier all-over studded designs that were prominent in Miucca’s collections over the next decade. A grey, bleak set with a muted mauve as the floor. Brutal corporate man attire presented the runway; Overcoat, slacks and cockroach oxfords. Occasionally garments were studded with a torrent of hardware in geometrically precise patterns. I wanted to present this piece because Vogue recently released the “lost collections” this month — due to the 2009 financial crises Vogue had to cut their men’s publication temporarily resulting in an absence of coverage of FW09 collections. Vogue was able to recover the images and show notes and published them for all to see. I recommend checking it out!

9/10 condition, almost brand new. Size 52 fits L-XL

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