AW03 “Closer” Power, Corruption & Lies Label Hoodie
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AW03 “Closer” Power, Corruption & Lies Label Hoodie

Raf Simons


Raf Simons AW03 “Closer” Power, Corruption & Lies Vinyl Label Hoodie. In the Fall/Winter 2003 “Closer” collection, Simons took liberty in pulling from Peter Saville’s archive with Factory Records’ permission. Saville, co-founder of Factory Records — a label company with a strong-willed manifesto tied to the art world, is very deliberate and particular with the choices he makes creating the album art despite it looking pedestrian on the surface. Saville reappropriates artwork to tie to the motifs of the music, resulting to some of the most universally recognizable album covers of all time.

A replica Henri Fantin-Latour’s ‘A Basket Of Roses’, currently shown in London, is featured as the artwork for New Order’s 1983 album “Power, Corruption & Lies” in which Saville interprets as “Flowers suggested the means by which power, corruption and lies infiltrate our lives. They’re seductive.”. A palette of  cryptic geometric colours are arranged on the top right of the album. These colours actually are a code, a code which cipher is located on the sleeve, and if transcribed reads “FAC. 75” which is the catalogue number (internal reference for the record label) for the album. On the actual vinyl record disc, printed on the vinyl label, is the artwork featured on the hoodie here. A typographic piece, arranged in a clock-like circular format informing the PCL album’s details.

Size 48, massive.