FW09 “Earmuff Maniac” Scab Pants
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FW09 “Earmuff Maniac” Scab Pants

Undercover/Jun Takahashi

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Undercover FW09 “Earmuff Maniac” Scab Pants. FW09 was a strong season by Jun Takahashi comprised of gradients, heavy padded jackets, and a lot of warm reds and oranges. For the men’s collection however Jun took another stab at his highly influential “scab” aesthetic. Takahashi’s first Paris debut SS03 “Scab” roared throughout the fashion week with crude patchwork, ethnic trimmings and a lot of uncalculated embroidery. With the habit of revisiting many of his past collections, Scab takes the crown for the most revisits/reinterpretations and is sprinkled throughout men’s collections. This is a reinterpretation of the nearly impossible to find “Scab” ethnic pant. Although the original is in a different league in terms of detail, design and craftsmanship these fw09 pairs updates the silhouette, mutes the colours and makes it more “digestible” for the wearer. Ethnic trimmings along the belt loops, elastic waist, knitted details, scab patches in mute colours.

8/10 condition. A small crotch tear on the backside has been mildly repaired. Size 2 fits 30-31.

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