“But Beautiful” 60 Denim
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“But Beautiful” 60 Denim

Undercover/Jun Takahashi

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Undercover “But Beautiful” 60 Denim. The highly sought after 68’s little cousin, this pair is rife with light distresses, cuts and patches instead clumps of larger details. Crotch patch and circular patch in the back with contrast pink stitching. Patch on right front knee, blowouts and crudely sewed patches on left. Indigo washed denim, heavy fades around thighs and lightly around knee.

Small fun fact: The numerical nomenclature for jeans, “85” “60” “78” “68”, is actually adopted by undercover fans and isn’t officially recognized by Undercover or Jun Takahashi. The names originated from the first two digits of their retail prices. The “85” however actually retailed for much more but for some reason is still referred to as the “85”.

8/10 condition. Size 2 Fits 30-31.

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Weight 15 oz