FW07 Gradient Broiled Wool Slacks
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FW07 Gradient Broiled Wool Slacks


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Prada FW07 Gradient Wool Trousers. Miuccia Prada sought out to explore male vulnerabilities in the sleekest way possible for this collection featuring fuzzy tops and colourful accents mixed with a familiar clean cut slim silhouette. Said fuzzy fabrics were realized with cutting edge fabric technology which, for this particular piece, managed to embed the mildly broiled orange wool within the top end of the trousers. The execution is astonishing, it looks like no other gradient from other designers. The thin layer of textured wool looks as if its smeared on the fabric. The gradient is organic and smoothly translates to the grey base. The bottom end of the trousers feature cuffs that lock under the heel which allow the wearer to not worry about “stacking”, folds or a cropped hem. Although this discards the possibility for the wearer from hemming the pants to his desired length, it allows for an ultra-precise tailored fit for a wearer that fits the exact vanilla length.

9/10 condition. Size 52. Fits 33-34.

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