06 Dustulator Pig Skin Dunks
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06 Dustulator Pig Skin Dunks

Rick Owens


Rick Owens 2006 Dustulator “Dunks”. Made from soft Pig Skin in a brown colourway. The Iconic Rick Owens Dunk has many variations. This earlier variation had a detached tongue, lined with cow leather and imitation wool and the Nike “swoosh” placed a little lower. Rick’s iconic “Rick in Heels” logo is sewn at the top of the tongue and its stitching is -not- apparent on the other side like the later variations. Raccagni zippers, stapled sole, extra long laces. Pig Skin is extremely elastic and bubbly, almost feels like a well oiled old person’s face… In a good way. Rare Brown Colourway which complements the aged yellow sole.

There is minor cracking on the sole, it is all cosmetic imperfections. The staples, for how old the shoes are, are in pristine condition, with only one of the staples reinforced with a mild anticorrosive adhesive. I’d like to emphasize, again, that these staples were extremely well taken care of and the shoe was properly resoled with a toplift quite frequently. For those who are unfamiliar, the staples in the back are the first to usually fall apart with the Dunk.

Size notation is usually missing with the older renditions of the dunk. This does however fit a size 42.

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