YYPH x Dianese AW04 Motorcycle Jacket
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YYPH x Dianese AW04 Motorcycle Jacket

Yohji Yamamoto


Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme AW04 Runway Dianese Motorcycle Jacket. Yohji introduced a collaboration between his labels and the technical motorcycle gear specialist Dianese. The Red/White design strongly resembles the “Toga72” jacket from the Settantadue line. Key differences are the removal of the Dianese logo and zip pocket at the front, “Y O H J I” type leather patch in the center region and the “Riders” design on the back. Minor differences are changes in stitch count, refining of the piping, the concealment of minor production faults and rounder edges. Many variations of the jacket were introduced in 2004 for the Y’s line, but few made it to the mainline “Pour Homme” runway. Jacket has padding on elbows and shoulders.

8/10 condition,still has maxfield retail tags. Sz 50.