Virginia creeper AW02 Chenille Lettered Jumper
  • Raf Simons Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper AW02 Chenille Lettered Jumper

Raf Simons


Raf Simons Virginia Creeper Varsity Jumper. From a previous post:

A crimson key light, a runway in the vastness of the ominous nowhere woods and a penchant fondness of varsity nostalgia would best describe the Virginia Creeper AW02 season. The eerie, towering figures with muted colours reflect Raf’s observation of the duality of nature. 

Working in production, the washes of VC are still referenced by designers to this day. Raf’s processing/washing in this collection hit just right to capture the worn, run down, faded and discoloured fabric that piles up in barrels in the corners of the United States. Despite used, dirty, old clothes being discarded and considered garbage by the masses, it is rather difficult to replicate the age and natural processing that it goes through. Simons uses an acid wash technique, along with other processing techniques, to replicate this effect, accelerating the fabric to deteriorate over time. However, certain pieces from the collection received different treatment than others, like the item we have available here :).

Sold at the Dover Street sample sale many years ago, this Raf Simons jumper is one of the few unique chenille pieces, each with individually different lettering, processed in a burgundy maroon (originally in a red presuming from the stitching). Reading a unique “TS” and colorway, it is very fitting for the client that bought this item, Travis Scott.

48, fits big.