The Cure 1982 Tour Dates Longsleeve
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The Cure 1982 Tour Dates Longsleeve

Raf Simons

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Raf Simons FW05 Longsleeve “The Cure” 82-83 Tour Dates Longsleeve. Black tee features a print of Robert Smith, lead singer of legendary post-punk band “The Cure”, and European tour dates from the 1982 -83 ‘Four Explicit Moments’ and ‘The Pornography’ tour. FW05 was titled “History of My World” featuring tailoring from a futuristic perspective with slim and boxy uppers, scrunched and tucked mid sections and pleated and baggy bottoms. This is yet another graphic which stemmed from Raf’s study of the youth’s relationship with prime era post-punk/kraftwerk music, with other collections’ graphics/designs borrowed from Joy Division, Krafwerk, Black Flag and Bauhaus.

8/10 condition. Size 46, Fits slim and long. Best for slim M or tall S.

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