SS98 Khaki Back Stripe Military Button Up
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SS98 Khaki Back Stripe Military Button Up

Helmut Lang


Helmut Lang SS98 Back Stripe Military Back Stripe Button Up. From the late 90’s, when Helmut Lang was producing his most influential work, is this simple but elegant button up in mid-weight khaki cotton. Point collar, cross twill, classic fitted button up with a white panel applique on back. A timeless and effective design which ran from 96′ to 98′ and inspired many sleek, suave, classic collections like Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein. Helmut Lang pushed the envelope during a time when Men’s Fashion was at a standstill; Conservative, rigid and tight-fisted. Lang’s work is notably responsible for slimming the men’s silhouette as we see today allowing designers more creative breathing room.

9/10 condition. Size 52, fits a classic relaxed fit.

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