SS16 “Cylcops” SnakeSkin Runway Tunic (Black)
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SS16 “Cylcops” SnakeSkin Runway Tunic (Black)

Rick Owens

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SS16 Cyclops Snakeskin Tunic. Snakeskin middle embellishment going straight down, laminated. All details are made with multiple materials. The “cylcops” graphic at the bottom is made from painted canvas with a cotton patch. The “Air filter” looking details on the left chest is carefurlly embroidered. The Black areas are some kind of laminated leather and the base is a deeply overdyed light poplin cotton. Button up back. One of the nicest tops from the selection. This is the black rendition.

9/10 condition. There are creases within the fabric and these will naturally remain. Size M and fits a tall skinnier individual the best. retailed for over ~1500 or so.

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