SS10 “Release” Mainline Creatch Cargos
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SS10 “Release” Mainline Creatch Cargos

Rick Owens


Rick Owens Mainline Creatch Cargos from SS10 “Release” in black. Highly sought after classic Creatch cargos in the more fine “mainline” iteration. Rick Owens occasionally revisits some of their classic garments outside of the DRKSHDW diffusion label to modify or remold with better fabrics and more disposable resources, thus resulting in a higher retail price point. Compared to the DRKSHDW versions, these Creatch Cargos have triple reinforced seams down the middle where the pockets meet the main body fabric, an elastic waistband that is built separately from the drawstrings, reinforced pockets with robust velcro attachments, a stronger more protruding drop crotch, larger cargo pockets, and the most notable detail, the signature “band” revolves around the entirety of the pant and is attached by velcro in the back. Made from a thin but durable poplin-like fabric and not the fleecey, athletic material that the DRKSHDW iterations are sported with.

7/10 condition. Great condition for 7 year old pants. Mild fading. These pants also went through some recent “rap history” and ripped down the middle severing the garment in half. This was repaired rather well, and is pretty much unnoticeable from the outside, but the tailor removed one of the two “| |” tags as a consequence of the repair. The season tag and wash tag remain.

Size L but due to the repair and elastic waistband can fit M-L. These do not fit like the DRKSHDW counterparts. The elastic waistband fits tighter.

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