SS06 “The Amazing Tale of Zamiang” Flannel
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SS06 “The Amazing Tale of Zamiang” Flannel

Undercover/Jun Takahashi


Undercover SS06 “The Amazing Tale of Zamiang” Flannel. Button up flannel is reconstructed with a shirt on back which sports a graphic based on Jun Takahashi’s fabricated German progressive rock band “Zamiang”. For SS06 Jun sought out to recapture the prog era of 80’s rock with the crudely constructed, patchwork ridden shirts, jackets and pants that fans and concert goers tend to wear. Undercover featured a handful of made-up bands and even went to extents to create concert wristbands, backstages passes and entire blank record albums with album art + lyrics sheet.

7.5/10 condition, mild fading. Size 2, fits a small.

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