SS06 “T” “Zamiang” Varsity Jacket
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SS06 “T” “Zamiang” Varsity Jacket

Undercover/Jun Takahashi


Undercover SS06 “T” “Zamiang” Varsity Bomber. SS06 was Jun Takahashi’s most adored collection, outside of SS03 “Scab”, which featured memorabilia and “merchandise” from a handful of bands completely fabricated from Takahashi’s mind with their own lyrics, blank records, band passes, custom graphics, concert wristband and ethos. Pieces on the runway were cut out from multiple band tees and sewn or patched onto vintage leather, as they did in the 1980’s german progressive rock/punk scene. For sale here is a varsity jacket with chenille appliques, cotton band patches and SS06 motifs from the album “The Crouh” by “Zamiang/House of Zamiang”. Chenille patches on the arms as well as back and chest. Crudely sewn patches on chest. Custom “Zam” inner tag which resembles band merchandise.

9/10 condition. Size L. Fits smaller.

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