SS06 Reconstructed Cargo Jacket
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SS06 Reconstructed Cargo Jacket

Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela SS06 Reconstructed Cargo Waist Jacket. SS06 is a strong highlight for MMM10 featuring military cuts drawn from classic fabrics such as cotton twill in muted colours. Reconstructed cargo pockets, repurposed zipper chains, and utilitarian accents are well seen throughout the season and all serve as a strong influence to current day military-style romanticization. Jacket features four reconstructed pockets in the front, with a vintage muave fade giving each pocket some contrast. RiRi zippers for both the zipper mid chain and zipper pockets. Upper waist fit.

7/10 developed more fading. Neck tag has been removed but stored in pocket. Size 44 fits a bit bigger.

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