SS01 “010” Men’s Artisanal Hand Painted Denim Jacket
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SS01 “010” Men’s Artisanal Hand Painted Denim Jacket

Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela SS01 Men’s Artisanal “010” Hand Painted Vintage Denim Jacket. From the interview with Interview Magazine:

” From very early on, we came to the point where we realized that, in addition to our main line, we wanted to do something more than take our creative ideas and develop them through an industrialized process. That’s why we launched our Artisanal line. Its concept was-and still is-to reconstruct new garments by using other garments or accessories, used or new.”

The heart of Margiela’s core has always been deconstructionism. Even if the collective design team never identifies themselves as so, its pretty clear to many observers that Maison Margiela, without a doubt, brings life and appreciation to old garments through new perspectives by pulling apart the subject from its core. No longer in production, the Men’s artisanal line started in the late 90’s with limited pieces each season hand made in France (later Italy) by the Margiela design team. Each piece has a small placard describing the item, its design process and amount of time it took to bring the piece into reality. Due to the laborious and extensive production process of artisanal pieces very few were put into circulation resulting the pieces being preserved in collectors’ wardrobes. Men’s artisanal pieces have both the “0” and “10” circled on the neck tag with women’s only having “0” circled.

Each hand painted garment was painted using a particular solution with its own composition and material properties resulting in unique wear-over-time aging. This vintage jacket was painted with a low viscosity, high thickness paint which was washed resulting in most of the leftover paint being clumped up at seams, collar, wrists and other areas where paint buildup was high. Painted pieces from the artisanal line are being replicated and produced today but never came close to the attention of detail of the original artisanal garments.

8/10 condition. Some wear and colour loss at inner neck. Size M fits a classic M. Made in France.

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