SAMPLE FW10 Zipper Down Coat w/ Padding
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SAMPLE FW10 Zipper Down Coat w/ Padding

Maison Margiela


FW 2010 Maison Margiela Sample Unnamed Coat that never hit production lines. Features a zipper line that starts from the bottom of the coat and ends at the wrists of the arms. 4 Pockets, including the padded and zipped chest pockets. Stylized fabric that runs along the zipper line that nearly creates a heavy mantle-like silhouette around the back and neck region. Thick poly padded inner with two inner pockets. Incredibly constructed and designed coat that sadly never made it to its final form. The zipper under the placket is actually not functional but CAN be made functional if the right hardware is installed. Instead, this coat is shut closed by one button up near the collar. Complex and deep mauve colour, easily integratabtle to darker wardrobes without being too ostentatious or loud.

9/10 condition. Size 48


Additional Information

Weight 35 oz