Murakami x LV 55 Monogramouflage Keepall
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Murakami x LV 55 Monogramouflage Keepall

Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami 55 “Monogramouflage” Keepall. 2008 marked another Takashi Murakami exhibit which yielded a pop up store by Louis Vuitton in the Brooklyn Museum. Based on the articles at the time, the public focus wasn’t so much on Murakami’s works but the pattern conceived between then LV’s director Marc Jacobs and Murakami. Bags were sold outside of the opening event to mimic a street vendor selling fraudulent goods. A performance was also held by kanye west.

8/10 condition. Some wear around corners and on canvas print. Used with care. Nice patina has developed from use.

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