FW12 Reversible Patchwork Jacket
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FW12 Reversible Patchwork Jacket

Junya Watanabe


Junya Watanabe FW12 Reversible Patchwork Jacket. No other patchwork comes close to Watanabe’s signature. Precise but wild, color complementary and extremely intricate. On the darker, “proper”, side of the jacket, subtle stitching details and semblances of patchworks are apparent. Shoulder and elbow reinforcement. Trucker collar and welt pockets. On the converse side is the jacket’s innards and workings. Patchwork consists of not only multiple fabrics layered over each other but sewed contrast stitching details throughout. One can get lost in close inspection of the jacket.

9/10 condition. Size L, fits a classic L.

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Weight 30 oz