FW10 “Gleam” Mink Fur Bunny Cross Body Bag
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FW10 “Gleam” Mink Fur Bunny Cross Body Bag

Rick Owens


Rick Owens FW10 “Gleam” Mink Fur Bunny Crossbody Bag. An “Owenscorp” bag before the exotic-material label had a distinct tag separate from Rick Owens items. The Bunny bag is a cult staple with Rick Owens with multiple iterations of the mink fur bunny, including the reissued bunny pouch you see today, with nose, ears, tail and paw embellishments. This more practical iteration of the bunny bag was only released in select stores for FW10 Gleam and built on a playful reiteration of the FW08 mink fur bag. Contains a small 6″x 7″ mink fur zip pouch large enough to hold daily items with room accompanied by a mini bunny charm and 18″ drop leather strap.

7/10 condition. Bag has some loose strings, leather straps had a few minor tears in it which were rebonded.

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Weight 15 oz