FW05 “The High Streets” Hybrid Cargo Pants
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FW05 “The High Streets” Hybrid Cargo Pants

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita Hybrid Pants. Well imitated and highly sought after ‘hybrid’ or ‘docking’ pants from FW05 “The High Streets”; A deep look at romanticized streetwear on the runway. Bandana wrapped models walked on the catwalk with reconstructed jackets and pants sporting crudely attached cargo pockets and straps. Miyashita’s influence was a strong adaptation from the Japanese 80’s style of “American Casual” which later transitioned to the “Shibuya Casual” movement in the early 90’s. Vansons leathers, Levis 501s, Goros jewelry, Flannels and Redwings with mild grunge and americano influences were commonly worn during said era. Miyashita sought to rejuvenate the aesthetic by maximizing the grunge roots of the movement and such is clearly indicative by running the album “Bleach” by Nirvana for the runway. This iteration of the Hybrids Pants feature an adjustable waist slack top, distressed bottom sweats with two buckled large pockets and ankle zips. Upwards of 25 variations of Hybrids exist with the more detailed being harder and harder to find.

9/10 condition. Size 2-3, size tag is missing. Fits 29/30

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