FW03 PaperDoll Satin Lapel Hybrid Cargo Jacket
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FW03 PaperDoll Satin Lapel Hybrid Cargo Jacket

Undercover/Jun Takahashi


Undercover FW03 “Paper Doll” Olive Cargo Jacket with Satin Lapel and Hybrid Backside. A rarer model from the iconic collection, features a satin lapel, polyester front body, adjustable tassels and ribbed bottom hem. Back and arms have the signature “Paper Doll” design cut out from cotton sweatshirts. Knitted embellishment which conjoins the upper poly to ribbed cotton, lapel and arm pocket. Zip up with loose and wide collar area for easy layering. Four cargo pockets. Loose fit and light fabric.

7.5/10 condition. Staining on sleeve’s wrist. Size M, fits true.

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Weight 15 oz