Early 80’s Straight Jacket Bomber
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Early 80’s Straight Jacket Bomber

Issey Miyake


Issey Sport or “I.S. by Tsumori Chisato” Straight Jacket Bomber. In 1977 Tsumori Chisato teamed up with Issey Miyake to create yet another diffusion label titled ” Issey Sport” which focused on street minded sporting garments in classic, wide silhouettes. Unbeknownst to most, especially in western regions, Issey Sport was one of many diffusion lines of the Issey Miyake brand, but solely spearheaded by Chisato without the creative input of Issey himself. Initially called “Issey Sport” the name was changed to “IS by Tsumori Chisato” by Issey Miyake in 1983 to cement Chisato’s involvement and presence with I.S which eventually helped her establish her own women’s label in the 90’s. There is very little documentation and reference to the diffusion brand, most likely due to the lack of interest by fashion publications as the practice of major fashion houses capitalizing on the mass production of cookie cutter diffusion labels was prevalent at the time. Interest in the brand is a recent development which sprouted from the influence of the current climate of men’s fashion and its tendency to look “back to the archives”.

Heavy almost nearly canvas material in cotton. Multiple eyelet details around collar. “Bondage Straps” and harnesses around chest and arms. Adjustable waist belt. Fits wide. Alligator print on the cotton lining which reads “Issey Sport”.

7.5/10 condition. Womens size 8 which translates to a medium very well as this is a loose fitting piece.

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