AW04 “Waves” Paisley YinYang Crewneck
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AW04 “Waves” Paisley YinYang Crewneck

Raf Simons


Raf Simons AW04 “Waves” Paisley Yin/Yang Crewneck Pullover. The Ying/Yang design was used throughout the collection as a possibly reference to a euro-techno recording label and a nudge to the “Waves” ethos which is summed up beautifully here:

“The collection for explores the idea of conscious confinement and wilful enclosure. Again starting with the concept of an imaginary community outside of regulated society, the whole of the collection evokes the feeling of enlightenment and personal enrichment one can find in extreme but self-chosen isolation. The collection references at random various drop-out cultures that are conceived as likeminded tribes but when examined closely, are in fact gatherings of individuals seeking self-fulfilment through lonely practice. Wave cultures, cultures of rave waves and ocean waves. Eyes closed, alone with music, living only inside music, happily disappearing into the vortex of sounds and emotions. Arms wide open, alone with nature, taking to the sea, drifting away from the shore, fully realising the only options are drowning or surviving.

Size 46, fits oversized. Can accommodate an S-L.


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Weight 15 oz