AW02 “Nowhere Man” Vintage Patchwork Long Sleeve
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AW02 “Nowhere Man” Vintage Patchwork Long Sleeve

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita AW02 Patchwork Long Sleeve. Aw02’s runway, titled “Nowhere Man”, was set in an edwardian themed viewing room assorted with dining chairs and tables. Models slowly sauntered along the catwalk wearing knits, muddy tones, felt hats, wool cardigans revolving around the ethos of The Beatles guitarist George Harrison. This is all a bit irrelevant though as these patchwork shirts weren’t featured on the runway. These shirts are all 1 of 1, constructed from a stack of shirts, pieced out and sewn together jointed by a silk braid piping. What we have here is a sz 4, rendering this item quite desirable amongst collectors as these run quite small and lanky.

7/10, mild holes, neck stretching is very common with these shirts. Size 4 fits M-L.

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