Artisanal Reconstructed Tee
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Artisanal Reconstructed Tee

Maison Margiela


Maison Margiela “010” artisanal reconstructed tee. Oversized tee composed of 4-5 repurposed tees to create an oversized silhouette with a hodgepodge of details. Dated around SS02-03 before the “clover” reconstructed tees of SS04 and much harder to find. Margiela is a pioneer of reconstruction in fashion, with the label’s offerings strongly revolving around the concepts and narratives of reconstruction. MMM’s reconstructed garments have a keen attention to detail in the placement and cut of the garment’s repurposed fabrics resulting in cleaner, sharper and precise designs. Said designs distance themselves as far away from the crude and inexactness displayed from reconstructed garments by other designers. Despite Margiela’s reconstructed garments, bags and accessories are decades old and yet, still inspires creatives and designers presently, the meticulous approach to MMM’s designs render them easily distinguishable from the sea of copycats.


9/1o condition, tiny circular stain on collar. Size 2 but fits M-L