APOC Towelterry Sample Jacket
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APOC Towelterry Sample Jacket

Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake early 00’s Sample Towelterry Jacket. Issey’s designs fundamentals begin with the philosophy of “Apoc”, or “A Piece of Cloth” which explores the relationship between body, fabric and the space between leading to Issey’s fascination and innovation with technical fabrics and production techniques. APOC, started in the late 90’s, uses computer aided fabric manufacturing to construct garments from a single thread. This resulted in complex graphics and displaced texturing which designs were all weaved into the fabric then cut & sewn. Towelterry jacket with weaved in multicoloured border designs. Classic, mid waist drop, long arms. Hand pockets. Button Placket. Sample item.

9/10 condition. Size 2, fits medium.

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