~90 Signature Dog Button Up
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~90 Signature Dog Button Up

Yohji Yamamoto

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Around 1990 or so Yohji Yamamoto Button Up possibly from the “S” collection. Yohji garments rarely have graphics on them (until very recently) making this button up very special. Not only so, Yohji has been fond of putting dogs on clothing for some time. Its almost a staple Yohji habit at this point. The new ground Y and 2015 collection that revisits older Yohji garments also features “Rin” the dog and multiple iterations of Rin were peppered throughout collections in past years. This shirt is one of the few original garments featuring an unnamed Aichi dog and one of the very few self titled graphics.

8/10 condition. There are no stains but wash tags and size have been removed, “3” is written on the tag to indicate size so it may be a sample however side by side comparisons of the same shirt show no difference. Fair to fit an oversized medium or better for a loose large.

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