09 Final “Last Say Goodbye” Departure Tee
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09 Final “Last Say Goodbye” Departure Tee

Number (N)ine


Number (N)ine “Last Say Goodbye” tee which marked legendary designer Takihiro Miyashita’s departure from Number (N)ine. Presently, Miyashita is very reserved and distant if asked about Number (N)ine but there are a few past interviews regarding his departure in which he pours he heart out. “WWD Magazine” featured a lengthy interview right before the designer left his own label.

Takahiro Miyashita reflected on his label as a “band” that has ran out of songs to play. In 2006 Miyashita featured a collection that surrounded Axl Rose as a complete joke or as he quoted “a show like Andy Kuafman would pull”. He wanted to startle the audience and make them laugh. The models were suited with jackets without shirts underneath, shorts and tight half length leggings. To Miyashita’s disappointment critics took it dead seriously, his audience took Number (N)ine in a direction which drifted afar from his own vision and he felt disconnected from a brand he brought to life.

Takahiro Miyashita saw the distant demise of N(N) from 2007 collection’s “About A Boy”. Number (N)ine’s “outro” consisted of, as he put it, a “B side” fw2009 and “A side” ss/fw2008 for his final “Exit Album”. Miyashita crafted these final collections without consideration for monetary gain. Passion was the fuel which formed these extravagant and intricate collections. Noguchi Tsuyoshi, Number (N)ine’s primary stylist for every collection, told WWD that he simply “watched him run” before Miyashita put Number (N)ine to rest.

But still, Takahiro Miyashita’s guitar gently weeps. The Soloist was born years later continuing the man’s legacy.

Pockets stitched throughout. Graphic on back and front.

8/10 condition. Size 2 fits S-M.

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